Growth hacking to reach 5 million+
users on social media

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  • Client Name

    Plantix - Germany

  • Project Type

    Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking our way to millions of users

Germany based company with mobile crop disease detection app for farmers & gardeners globally wanted to expand its footprint in India. We helped the app reach 5 Million+ audience on social media with our growth hacking strategies.


The major challenge was to market an agritech product to non technology intense users in India. Starting from technology, language & understanding of the usage of app - everything had to passed on seamlessly in an easily digesAble manner in order for the campaign to succeed.


Marketing in the right avenues would give the right result. We considered on ground campaigns, co-ordination with government’s agri department but finally rounded off a campaign that would leverage stars that had a great fan base in villages and appeal to them to help out farmers with modern technology.


We identified 12 stars that had good rural appeal and ran various campaigns using their social media popularity to promote the cause of farmers & app. This resulted in an overall reach of 5million+ users. One video in particular went viral and was shared over 35,000 times and garnered 1.2 million+ views.

The appeal to help farmers by using smartphones worked and the content was shared over a number of messaging platforms and piqued the interest of the target audience.


Reached 5 million+ audience through strong social media stars to create a strong and impactful brand recognition. User acquisition cost came down and the app was able to reach remotest corners of India via whatsapp sharing and social media.

A classic case of great product & marketing coming together to create magical viral campaign.

We curated, planned & executed the entire growth hacking project seamlessly to get great results for our client.