Creative Marketing & Positioning for
higher reach & reducing costs.

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    Amaze Heaters - USA

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    Branding, SEO

Creative Marketing & Positioning for higher reach & reducing costs.

Heating solutions company based out of USA manufactures and distributes wall mounted heaters. We redesigned the brand’s online presence and set up online shopping - resulting in 120% sales growth & 40+ keywords to rank on first page of search engines.


Brand had a website designed years ago and wasn’t reflecting their contemporary products and brand values. The important aspect of the rebrand was to reflect the brand’s new online presence with company’s values, modern styling and boost visibility on search engines.


To bring vibrancy & modernity to the site with flexibility to add marketing friendly codes. Design, website development and SEO to go hand in hand and created a modern looking site fully integrated with modern e-commerce modules.


The SEO was in a competitive field and therefore we targeted niche keywords that could boost brand’s standing. The design of the site and e-commerce part was set perfectly to go with brand’s theme & values. Just as we wanted, the change rang in the revenue & got distributor interests across the globe.


On more than 40+ keywords, the brand ranked on pages 4-6 on google search. Our SEO execution got the brand to 1st page of Google search on 40+ keywords to increase online sales on the site by 120%.

Out of the box marketing to get great visibility and gain new loyal customers.