Reduced customer acquisition cost by
50% with Growth hacking

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  • Client Name

    Fasdeal - Hyderabad

  • PRoject Type

    Growth Hacking

Better branding & SEO for results in a highly competitive space.

Nearby deals company offering mouthwatering deals from nearby restaurants, wellness places & more were looking to improve their reach. Our creative marketing strategies resulted in 150% growth in online sales & impactful brand recognition.


Doing business in a space with thin margins & competitors with deep pockets can be daunting. Regular marketing campaigns and online strategies don’t yield the scale needed to breakout of the linear growth cycle. We had to achieve true north of growth within a limited budget.


Out of the box solution was required to counter the limited campaign budget. Not so well known brand vying for attention without providing any value would be a difficult ask, so we created a campaign with on-ground partnerships which could get better on site branding & offset campaign costs.


The marketing campaign was to offer a beer for 1Rs. to all customers that purchased through our brand’s website and app. The cost of the offer was shared between the participating restaurant and brand on the condition that the brand would get a good branding in the restaurant premises.

Customers loved it, Our client loved it, Restaurants loved it - The campaign was a massive hit and result was that the growth hacking campaign paid for itself.


Sales growth by 150% & increase in customer re-engagement by 70%. In addition, the user acquisition cost dropped by 50% & brand awareness grew by displaying it in prime places across the target areas.

In Client's Words:

Aquo digital’s marketing team is very creative. They are young team buzzing with ideas and are not afraid of experimenting with new marketing methods to get better results. We got a great ROI on our campaigns and I would highly recommend them.

Using modern SEO methods including technical implementations to improve sales & SEO.