Growth Hacking is a combination of multiple key elements stitched together to form a great marketing strategy. Leveraging customer behavioural patterns and devising smart strategies that will have far more reach than standalone traditional or online marketing strategies is at the heart of growth hacking.

Growth hacking is the preferred form of marketing for start-ups for it effectively carries a brand’s message to a far larger audience in a cost efficient way. While the ultimate objective of growth hacking is to grow the number of users for a specific product, it also serves the role of customer retention & cross selling product offerings.

Punching above the weight of marketing budgets requires creative thinking, experience of market needs, info of avenues that can be leveraged. Our past experience of implementing such techniques put us a notch above on the Growth Hacking Scene.

We helped one of our client achieve 150% growth rate and 70% increase in retention with minor changes in design, positioning and smart strategies.

To make sense of why growth hacks produces great results, one has to understand that growth hacks embeds a lot of non-marketing decisions. While inherently a new service offering in the market, it combines the smartest of thinkers and silliest of user behavioral science, things generally majority of marketers would normally ignore.

Building a product with viral elements features is the most obvious but important aspect of Growth Hacking. Designing a page with specific intuitive features to achieve a specific goal needs design work and these are the aspects of business, design, development, market research and strategy that we help you with.

In other words, Growth Hacking is more of a mix of psychology of user behaviour, adept knowledge of marketing techniques, picture perfect execution of strategies that have been planned.

Entrepreneurs often confuse user growth to be a marketing only role and assume that the only way to get customers is marketing. However, that is not entirely true. In fact, over the past few years we all have seen new products grow from zero to lakhs and lakhs of users with little to no marketing.

While every business agrees that they would like more users, the vastly overlooked aspect is that they are human and with certain behavioral traits.

Our team can also create deep insights into your company by profiling consumer personalities, tracking customer behavior, positive and negative sentiments and analyzing how consumers interact with your brand.

This research enables us to better evaluate which brand touch-points are significant for your customers and how we can influence them throughout their “consumer journey” in the long haul.

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